DC Tech Meetup #30

[7:00] Intro by DJ Saul, (ISL) // Shana Glenzer, Social Radar // Stephanie Nguyen, Silica Labs [7:05] "10 Things You Need to Know about DC TECH" [NEW!] Cool stuff [7 »


So, I've written my first NodeJS package... NodeAlarmProxy. It's there on the page, but it facilitates a connection between a local webserver (on my LAN) and my Envisalink3 module (thing »

More Home Automation Resources...

Just read a neat article on a bit of hackerspace code Called SkyNet which aims to let devices talk to each other... and NodeRed which is developed by IBM which »

Home Automation

For those that don't know, I lovingly call my house "Jetson House" because it's very well automated. When we first moved in we got a robo vacuum and started calling »

Jan 23, 2014 DC Tech Meetup

Note: If you found my blog from twitter. I haven't got around to customizing the theme yet. Sorry. (It's built on the Ghost Platform. I don't have comments setup, so »


I'm getting back into developing on the raspberry pi. I've got a couple of projects I'd like to do: Raspberry Pi Doorbell/Door-cam/Door-lights the (MEAN) BRWRY Plenty of others »